Crimes Against Children

Of all the crimes for which a person could face an accusation, there may be none more damaging than the sexual assault of a child. Guilt or innocence is typically of little consequence to the general public in these cases. The simple implication that you may have sexually abused a child can have a devastating impact on your personal life, your reputation, and your future.

If you have been accused of any sexual offense involving a child, it is important that you have a reliable and capable defense lawyer beside you from the outset. At Kearney Law Firm, our Fort Worth child sexual abuse defense attorneys are proactive in the handling of these cases.

We have experience defending clients against charges for any sexual offense against a child, including:

  • Child pornography
  • Sexual performance by a child
  • Statutory rape
  • Sex with a minor
  • Child molestation
  • Indecency

Investigating Claims of Child Sexual Abuse

There is often a presumption of guilt on the part of judges, juries and prosecutors that can be extremely difficult to overcome in child sexual abuse cases. We conduct a meticulous investigation into the evidence that has been gathered by the prosecution, including any police reports, medical evidence, and witness statements.

Research has shown that the manner in which an alleged victim is interviewed by a mental health professional or law enforcement official can plant the idea of truth in the child’s mind. We work to obtain transcripts of the interviews and, when appropriate, have one of our experts conduct a forensic interview of the child that provides a more accurate depiction of the child’s mindset. We assemble the most effective defense possible and do everything in our power to obtain an acquittal in your case.

Skillful Defense Against Charges for Any Crime Against a Child

Our firm is also highly skilled in the defense of charges for other crimes against children. We have defended parents, day care providers and other caregivers in a broad range of cases involving such issues as child abuse, child endangerment, and shaken baby injuries, among others.

In many cases, law enforcement officials and medical professionals will gravitate toward an abuse-centered scenario when, in all likelihood, a sound noncriminal explanation exists for the child’s symptoms. We have the experience, the skill, and the resources to conduct a thorough investigation and present a solid defense on your behalf.

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