Firm Overview

Kearney Law Firm represents individuals and corporations in state and federal trials and appeals. The criminal attorneys in our firm have represented citizens accused in nearly every type of criminal case—from complicated white-collar fraud allegations in federal court to the most serious criminal prosecutions in state court.

When you hire our firm, you get more than the criminal attorneys and staff that you will meet at our office — we have the best investigators, jury consultants, and expert consultants available at our disposal. We believe that it is imperative to associate ourselves with the best possible support personnel to ensure that we are armed with the information and resources necessary to represent our clients as well as we possibly can. In federal cases, criminal defense attorneys at Kearney Law Firm call on former IRS criminal division agents, former FBI agents, former U.S. Marshals, ATF agents, and DEA agents.

Dallas-Fort Worth Criminal Attorneys

We believe that the key to success in any criminal matter is to thoroughly investigate the facts, research the applicable law, and prepare for any necessary court proceedings. Because of our belief in the need for exhaustive preparation, we do not represent the same volume of clients as other firms in our field. Our comparatively small caseload shows our commitment to quality representation rather than quantity representation. While there are no guarantees in any legal case, we can guarantee that we will give each case the individualized attention to detail necessary to achieve the best possible result under the circumstances.


Criminal defense lawyer Jeff Kearney tries some of the toughest cases in Texas with exceptional results. These impressive results begin with in-depth, accurate, thorough pre-trial investigations.

Kearney Law Firm has access to a network of top investigators — all former federal and state investigators. The pre-trial preparation lawyers call on the most experienced investigators in the area of the alleged crime.

  • In federal cases, criminal defense attorneys at Kearney Law Firm call on former IRS criminal division agents, former FBI agents, former U.S. Marshals, ATF agents and DEA agents.
  • In state cases, the pre-trial preparation lawyers seek the investigative experience of former state and local law enforcement officers, former narcotics task force officers, former homicide officers, and former members of major case squads.
  • In both state and federal cases, depending on the nature and circumstances of the case, the criminal defense attorneys consult with forensic accountants, certified fraud investigators, crime scene forensics experts, and others in a network of highly qualified resources.

Kearney Law Firm begins by talking to witnesses during the investigation phase to assure procurement of their clearest, earliest memories. Often charges are not filed for a year or two (and in a recent case four years). In every case for every client, Kearney Law Firm investigates thoroughly in order to present the best case possible. The Fort Worth-based Kearney Law Firm firm defends clients against criminal charges in all Texas and Federal courts.


Mock Trials

The criminal defense lawyers at Kearney Law Firm use mock trials to test their own case for the defendant as well as the prosecution’s case against the defendant.

By putting on the prosecution’s best case in a mock trial, the criminal defense lawyers can plan their own strategy and presentation with better accuracy and far better results.

  • The Jury: Using trial consultants, the firm gets the demographics of the jury pool, creates a profile of the expected jury, and finds representative people to play mock jurors in a mock trial. At many junctures in the mock trials, jurors fill out questionnaires.
  • The Exhibits: What kinds of exhibits work? What information does the jury want in the exhibits? By using various exhibits and testing jury reactions, the lawyers can prepare effective exhibits.
  • The Witnesses: By putting witnesses (or stand-ins for witnesses) on the stand in a mock trial, the attorneys can determine how jurors will react to the witnesses.
  • The Defendant: Should the client testify? By putting the defendant on the stand in a mock trial, the attorneys can determine how the jurors react and how the defendant reacts to cross examination.
  • The Deliberations: After an abbreviated mock trial, the mock jury is given instructions, and then the lawyers and their consultants watch as the jury deliberates in order to know how different types of jurors react to evidence, witnesses, and strategies.

By engaging in mock trials, the criminal defense attorneys at Kearney Law Firm can find the strengths and weaknesses in their own case and — just as importantly — the strengths and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Through the mock trial process, the lawyers can test witnesses, evidence, and theories on the case.



In high profile cases, law enforcement often holds press conferences about an investigation, an indictment, or an arrest. The government prosecutors have their press conferences about the charges. And then there is the infamous and unnecessary “perp walk” designed to make the defendant look inept and guilty.

Kearney Law Firm answers such prosecution tactics with extensive experience and carefully considered media relations.

In high-profile cases, there will always be a high level of public interest. The criminal defense team needs to make sure their client is not tried and convicted by public opinion before the case enters the courtroom. Kearney Law Firm’s criminal defense attorneys work with media consultants to determine what needs to be said and when.

Responding to Prosecutors

Public relations are an integral part of a high-profile case. Effective media relations get the defense’s message to the media in order to level the playing field. The Kearney-assembled team works quickly to respond to the remarks by prosecutors and law enforcement before the judge issues a gag order, leaving no opportunity for the criminal defense lawyers to respond. Words and messages need to be carefully framed so that they place the client in the best possible light without committing to a position that is later regretted.

The criminal defense team works with the client, advising the client on how to respond to reporters’ questions and how to act if faced with a “perp walk” or other public appearances.