Domestic Violence

Domestic violence accusations are taken very seriously in Texas, and law enforcement officials will act decisively if they feel that any person in the home is at risk. At the Kearney Law Firm, we provide proactive defense representation to clients facing charges for domestic violence. Our Fort Worth attorneys are highly skilled in the handling of these matters, and we know how to manage them to a favorable conclusion.

Physical violence does not have to occur in order for an alleged abuser to be removed from the home. Even the simple threat of violence or claims of emotional abuse can be enough for police to make an arrest. In addition, there are certain aggravating factors — such as the use of a weapon, impeding the alleged victim’s airway, or a prior family violence conviction — that can escalate the matter to a felony offense.

Understanding Domestic Violence In Texas

There is an enduring misconception that a domestic violence charge will be dropped if the alleged victim recants. It is the prosecution’s decision whether to pursue charges or not, and the prosecution will often move forward with these cases, with or without the alleged victim’s cooperation.

A second misconception is that domestic violence only occurs between a husband and wife or a parent and child. Domestic violence can occur between any two people living under the same roof or who are in any type of familial relationship, including siblings, parents, in-laws, roommates, and unmarried parents who share a child. Domestic violence can even occur between people who are dating.

In every case, we work closely with our client to gain a complete understanding of the events that led to his or her arrest. We work to expose baseless accusations of abuse and utilize every legal resource at our disposal in an effort to overcome the charges against you. Our goal is always to protect your rights and to avoid a conviction on your record.

Committed To Protecting Your Interests

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