Murder & Violent Crimes

If you are facing charges for murder or any other offense that involves the death of another person, it is important that you secure representation from a qualified attorney with the ability to protect your rights, your freedom, and your future. The Fort Worth murder defense lawyers at the law firm of Kearney Law Firm have defended clients in a broad range of these cases, including capital murder cases.

In some homicide cases, law enforcement officials may be quick to make assumptions about how the death occurred and whether malice was involved. They sometimes appear to seek out evidence that supports their theory rather than seeking the truth. Our attorneys are diligent in their efforts to obtain the necessary evidence to prove your innocence and protect your freedom.

Thorough Investigation and Detailed Preparation

Preparation is the key to success in any criminal trial. Murder investigations require a high level of care in order to present the strongest possible defense. We customize our approach to every murder or manslaughter investigation. We use investigators who understand the culture in the community where the alleged crime took place — who know how to approach local witnesses and gather key information.

We closely examine all of the evidence the prosecution intends to use in your case. We enlist the assistance of DNA experts, forensic specialists and others who can help us present the most compelling argument on your behalf. We identify any flaws in the prosecution’s case and use them to strengthen your defense.

In addition to the defense of homicide charges, we also defend clients against charges involving any type of violent crime, including: